About Us

The Fong Institute prides itself as a patient focused practice throughout all steps of your treatment.  We adhere to four pillars to provide you with the best experience possible: Convenience, Cost Conscious, Conservative, and Competent.

Convenient:  At the Fong Institute, We are open 6 days a week with emergencies and same day appointments always available. When you arrive for your appointment, we strive to minimize your wait time through careful booking and an efficient staff. We do paperwork and precertifications in a timely fashion to give you the quickest treatment possible, many times same day. We work in conjunction with Southern Surgical and Cross Gates Physical Therapy to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Cost Conscious: We actively seek the lowest cost care in order to better help the patient. Whether this is using generics, working with imaging providers to lower costs, or doing everything to avoid surgery, we pride ourselves on cost effective, high quality care.

Conservative: We believe that surgery should always be used as a last resort. Many times injuries heal themselves with injections and careful monitoring.

Competent: Our doctors are engaged in the medical community and seek out the latest techniques in surgical and arthroscopic care.